What We Do

We are a not-for-profit organization founded in March of 2004 to provide Christian care and encouragement.  As part of our commitment to the Christian way of life, we at Second Chance provide ministry through pastoral type care Biblical counsel.  (Second Chance does NOT offer professional counseling or therapy services.)

Pastoral Type Care…what it is:

It  is focused on helping persons reach spiritual and emotional maturity through understanding and application of Biblical principles for living, especially as they relate to the person’s current life needs.  This ministry is based on traditional Christian values and beliefs.

It is utilizing prayer and Biblical guidelines in ministering.  Prayer, Bible study materials and Christian Language coupled with Christian Friendship are a normal part of our ministry.

Pastoral Type Care…what it is not:      

It is not based on a medical or professional model. Consequently, we focus on care for people rather than treat disorders.

It is not providing a diagnosis of mental disorders or psychotherapy to treat disorders.

It  is  not managed care – but care for the soul – no matter how hurt, sick, mentally disordered or wounded a person may be.

Consequently, pastoral type care ministry is not covered by most health insurance.