Who We Are

We ve been involved in a variety of needs, locally and in surrounding areas, such as:

Guiding individuals & couples through troubled times

Responding to individuals & families in crisis

Responding to referral from Law Enforcement

Responding to Medical Clinics for people who need pastoral type Biblical Counsel in addition to medical help & supervision

Assisting those recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction

Occasional longer term residency type discipleship and support (limited by space & staff availability)

Accepting & honoring prayer requests

Responding to need in our own community

Follow-up for those who accept the Lord as Savior while at Second Chance

Since opening our office in March of 2004, we have seen over 200 people from Thomas County, surrounding counties and other states.  It’s amazing how people discover us in the small community of Rexford, KS.  (We do 12-15 two hour sessions per week with a current active client list of 41 regular and sporadic people.)

We do not charge for our services, but help is appreciated.  Our staff is paid through mission support supplied by friends, family and churches.  In addition, we provide housing for those who travel long distances.  This housing is provided by Second Chance at no cost to those seeking assistance.

We are a ministry of God’s grace.